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Friday, September 28, 2007

Hail to the Scales...

Hail to all the Librans out there - the most charming of all....(audience applause!!) It's the time of the Librans now and so I'm posting something dedicated to all my fellow lovable beautiful Librans...So what makes librans soo soo special? Here are what majority of the readings say about the zodiac sign Libra.

Librans are said to have a pleasant, clever, articulate, charming, charismatic, beautiful, outgoing, fair, artistic, social, refined, diplomatic, even-tempered and self-sufficient character (that really makes us so desirable huh, whew!!) The Libra person is said to be cooperative, sees both sides, open-minded, just, urbane, partnership oriented, avoids conflict, balanced, graceful, debative, idealistic, and equalitarian (blushes...) Librans exude certain elegance, charm and fine taste. Librans too are among the most civilized of the twelve zodiacal characters and are often good looking (a big YES for the last adjective, heheh..) Librans are affectionate, courteous, agreeable persons and are considerate of other people's feelings.

Librans don't handle conflict situations very well. When Librans are exposed to conflicts, they may even get upset. Close harmonious relationships are very important Thus, always trying to please.

I think that explains myself - why I find it difficult to say no to people. It is rather hard for me sometimes to commit to one side of an argument — as I don’t want to be seen as biased, and I want everyone to like me; Why I fancy candle light dinners and walks on the beach...because of Venus being the goddess of love??

These are tons of reasons enough to feel lucky I should say for being born under this zodiac sign. So to all my fellow librans, MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The week and the months that will be..Whew!!

Im baaaack folks! After a looowwng time...Vacation is over, and I'm now back to work! (sniffs) and I had to set myself to work mode...(I already did!) Been busy for the past days due to this training of trainers which started last week. As you would know, I'm into developmental work handling project on governance in Mindanao, but now I'm engaged in a project that deals with installation of family welfare program for the SMEs, with family planning as one of its major components. Arggh...Do I seem credible?!? hehe...Never thought it would be this difficult. There is still sooo MUCH to be done (as in much!)

I should say this week is going to be quite of a hell with the series of engagements and loads of work that need to be done. The training's going to end tomorrow, and on Thursday, I (together with my Team Leader) will again be attending a Partners' Meeting for a day and a half for the governance project. This is some sort of an assessment meeting but I will not elaborate on this..As for now, I'm still waiting for what's going to happen next with the governance project. The project actually ended last September 15 and I'm doing the terminal report now.

My mind is a bit scattered now, don't know how I'm gonna manage these all.I just can't imagine what is it going to be like in the coming months. As the song goes -- "Come what may..."(blows my bangs)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Au Revoir Not!

After 10 minutes, I'm posting another blog again. I just can't wait for tomorrow to have this posted....Whew!

Ms. Ela Potter (as she prefers to be called- well,she's such a Harry Potter fan) has finally left us. After 6 years of being together, our good friend, who had been my classmate in college and officemate for more that 2 years, finally resigned in search for a bigger challenge.

Last Saturday was a day of pictorial for us - spending her last days chitchatting and taking pictures with us. Just wanted to share these precious moments with you.

The UPMin CommArts Batch 2001

Starring the cast of "A Love Story", "Rush Hour", and Shh...She Walks by Night"

Ms. Potter - a classmate/groupmate/officemate/organizer/friend, and the keeper of batch2001CommartsUPMin..

As the song goes.....

Tho' goodbye means the birth of a tear drop,
Hello means the birth of a smile.
And the smile will erase the tear blighting trace,
When we meet in the after awhile.

We will definitely miss you...No Good byes! See you around my dear friend....

Monday, September 3, 2007

Gastronomic Adventures part 1

I'm supposed to blog about this a few weeks ago but due to my overloaded days of multi-tasking, blogging had been the least of my priorities.

Anyway, 2 weeks ago, the boyfriend came home from Manila and spent a week here in Davao. As usual, both being lovers of food, the week was again filled with gastronomic adventures. To start off, we dined at Roadhouse cafe on his first day here for our snacks. I just ordered ham sandwhich and the boyfriend, hungry that time, ordered a meal since he still didn't have his lunch yet. He had hungarian sausage with potatoes and coleslaw as sidings and garlic rice. The serving was generous, and delighted to see the huge cuts of potatoes (I just love pohtaytoes). For less then a 150 bucks, it was worth the price. As for my order, i wasn't able to consume it all - I only ate half of the sandwhich. We also ordered mango crepe with ice cream on it. It wasn't so sweet, but the crepe was a bit thick.

Hungarian Sausage

Ham Sandwhich

Mango Crepe

Our next adventure was at Aling Foping's Fud Treyn at the back of MTS. We both heard about the halo-halo being sold at MTS. We had their special halo-halo and bibingka. The good thing about their halo2x is that you have the freedom to choose the ingredients for your halo2x. Mine consisted only of shaved ice, milk, sago, macapuno, ube, nata de coco and of course, leche flan. The special halo2x costed P90. The bibingka we ordered was great - it was freshly cooked, still hot, soft and with filling.

Aling Foping's Fud Treyn


We had one of our dinners at Banana Asian Leaf Cafe at Chimes. As we went inside, the only customer the restaurant had was the two of us. I joked that maybe, the boyfriend rented the whole place. Hehe...Since the boyfriend wanted to eat seafood, we tried their Tilapia fillet in special sauce and their house specialty phad thai.

Phad Thai

Tilapia in special sauce

As I expected, Banana Leaf did not disapppoint us. Their fish dish was a twist to the usual fried tilapia. I expected the noodles (phad thai) to be spicy, but it was not spicy at all. Still, it tasted great.

I've been telling the boyfriend since last year that we try Swiss Deli but the location isn't just favorable to both of us. Finally, our feet brought us there. The boyfriend, being a sausage fanatic, ordered their English Bangers while I had their Beef Escalope. The sausages were soft and juicy. We had tiramisu for the dessert which costed only P85. The meals are relatively cheap considering the big servings you get. If you're a lover of sausages, steaks and other european cuisines, Swiss Deli is the place for you.

Till our next gastronomic adventure!