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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

CommArts Summer '08

I hope it’s not too late for me to have this posted, but this one deserves a spot in my blog. After months of hibernating, I’m back with my one and only post for summer! I was just so excited to post this but got no time to go online for this.

One and a half day of fun under the sun and in the water, munching, camwhoring and all. Looking for resorts with affordable rates, we opted to go to Bluewaters Resort, which is just beside Costa Marina. For the information of everyone reading this, entrance to Bluewaters now costs 100 bucks. It’s not really the high end type of resort, but can serve as an option for a quick weekend escape. Cheapskates as we are, we rode the Samal bus and took a “habal” ride since we brought with us baon, which is not allowed if you’re taking the main entrance which can be reached via their boat. You can be allowed to bring baon if you take the back entrance. The staff in the resort are accommodating, and the place is clean, though their rooms need a bit of improvement. Anyhoot, here are the lovely photos courtesy of my also lovely friends.

Good company, nice place, and food, food, food = perfect fun! Looking forward to more of this in the future, hopefully with more of our classmates to join us.