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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Get Simpsonized!

The Simpsons' Movie is coming to theaters soon. As part of promotions of the upcoming movie, there's this newly launched “Web 2.0” tie-in with The Simpsons Movie release where you can have yourself simpsonized. Click this site and spend some time for some fun! However, it takes patience before you can have your simpsonized photo generated. You might not find it easy to access the page as there have been too much traffic lately. Here's me before and after I got simpsonized! (I had my edited photo)

And here's my simpsonized baby niece!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Go and Lift Off!

I’m quite a fan of VMV. I admire VMV because of its claim to be the first Filipino brand that's been allowed to use the word "hypoallergenics" on its brand name for not containing the top skin allergens.

I love their Skin-Saving Body and Bath Anti-Perspirant and some of their soaps. I used to buy their powder foundation but switched to other brand because its price increased to a whopping 100% just because of the reason that its packaging is from New York! What a valid reason!

Anyway, I just discovered this product which I find so far ok. I did not really have intentions of buying it though. It just so happened that we needed to purchase a product worth P50 as instructed by the Customer Service Representative. I will not be telling the whole story of it. So As I was looking around for a product to buy, the 50% off at the VMV booth caught my attention. Their Glykeros Lift Off Scrubbing Bar is 50% off. The soap is originally priced at P299 but with the discount, it only costs P149. The saleslady kept on convincing me that it’s a nice buy, and its offer is just limited. I had been curious about the product and so to satisfy my curiosity, I bought it.

The soap produces a rich later and I could actually feel the beads scrub my body. It contains doses of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Glycolic Acid, Kinetin (growth hormone to stimulate cell rejuvenation), and cirebelle beads (exfoliators).

Glykeros Lift off scrubbing bar claims to lift away fine lines, dullness, signs of aging, and promote skin renewal and cells stimulation. Well, my purpose only was to try it out. For those who also want to give it a try, go and lift off!