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Friday, November 23, 2007

the unproductive regretful dissatisfied frustrated bored me in this so called -----

Life had been difficult for me for the past weeks or maybe months??

Yesterday, while watching my officemates do some paper works and other administrative tasks, I felt so strange for not doing anything (Not the first time though). Well, I just kept myself busy browsing the internet googling some stuffs and chatting with my officemates the whole time --- with no feelings of guilt at all. Ei! It’s not that there’s nothing to do. In fact, there are a bunch of sh*** things that I have to do. Papers seem to be all over my workplace but no matter how much I condition myself to be in the work mode, I just don’t have the energy to work on the magnanimous tasks that I myself have to do for lack of many things - manpower, resources, directions, spirit, but a big chunk of it is lack of energy and passion. All these had made me become an unproductive mammal.

Every s i n g l e day seems to be a torture. All these make my world a compete mess and I’m having great difficulty thinking how will I be able to get out of this hellish situation. Being able to escape would require honesty and honesty would mean having a great amount of courage and being ready to face whatever the consequences would be.

After all, this is the friggin path I took more than 2 years ago. Looking back, there’s a feeling of regret. If only...

My friends have moved on and are happy and now I’m left alone in this hell. How I miss the days when we would just play charades during our free time in the dormitory, study my lessons, take a nap in the afternoon or just go and gallivant after the class. Yeah, I will never forget those times when all we have to worry about are oral recitations, passing the written exams and of course, endless paper works.

I relish the weekends, the holidays and every single day that I am away from my work. I hope I could finally be able to reach the end of the tunnel and just chase the clouds away, run in the fields and have just total fun, free from feelings of regrets, dissatisfaction, worries. The million dollar question is WHEN?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Benefit Day Spa

I got to know of this spa from my mum who was given flyers and a gift certificate by one of the owners of the spa. The owners of the spa by the way are friends of my family. As I was reading their promotional flyer, I got immediately tempted by the 50% off on their ultimate treatments and 30% off on all their major services (until December only, from 1 pm to 4pm). The services being offered were also affordably priced.

The day after, we headed to the spa. I had their Ultimate Full Body massage (250) while Mum, who arrived late, had the Benefeet Signature Treatment (P300).

Before the massage began, I was given a pair of shorts to wear. I've read that derobing is optional. The place has nice interiors but the space is just so small. The bed where I had the massage was also small that it restrained the masseuse from moving a lot especially when we had to do the stretching part (like that of thai massage). Good thing they're gonna expand to accomodate more beds. They used peppermint essential oil on me which was very much relieving. The massage took 1 hour and 15 minutes. Not bad for the price of 250 which already includes essential oil. For the massage, my mum paid only 125 since it's 50% off. (It's actually mum's treat, hehe..)

I got finished first since my mum arrived late. While watching her sit on this very relaxing chair (fit for a queen), I got jealous with the treatment that I told myself I'm gonna have it on my next visit. I sat next to her and I just felt so comfortable with the chair that I wanted to sleep there. I asked her how the service was and she said she liked it the most compared to other spas which are a bit expensive. The customer can actually choose from the following options for the Benefeet - whitening, softening, relaxing. Mum had the whitening.

Benefit Day Spa also offers the following services: Benefacial signature facial, grooming and hair removal, hilot full body massage, beautiful hands signature treatment and hand/foot reflexology.

And just a note, the store does not encourage tipping as it is their pleasure to serve their customers. So don't feel guilty anymore for not giving gratuity tips. Hehe..

As one of the owners would say, it's just your simple, intimate, cozy place where you can relax and enjoy some 'me' time. Expect quality service at the most affordable price at Benefit Day Spa. Benefit Day Spa is open from 12 noon to 10 pm Mondays to Saturdays.

Door 28 EC Buisness Center,
C.M. Recto Street,
Davao City